I took a hiatus

Just a note–I took a week off last week. My last post was kind of emotional for me to get together, so I gave myself some space to evaluate. I’m going to be back to posting three new posts this week (Monday, Wednesday, Friday) and I’m hoping to cover some Bible-related current events, a super awesome story history discovery, and some discussion on one of my favorite lesser-known sexy stories from the Old Testament.

Looking forward to getting back into it with you! Meet you here on Wednesday.

What is This?

In 2010, I started a short-lived blog called Theocrack, in which I intended to explore the origins of Biblical stories, modern interpretations, and how those stories effected the world today. It was very much inspired by a Bible as Literature 101 course I had recently taken, as well as by my burgeoning and regrettable militant atheist phase. It was, predictably, pretty embarrassing.

However, in the time since then, the subject hasn’t stopped fascinating me. I’m drawn to the sacred, to the ancient stories that have defined reality for thousands of people over countless centuries. I love thinking about these things, and the easiest way for me to think about things is to write them down.

With this site, I hope to document some of what I’m interested in, and maybe connect with other people who can’t leave these topics alone either.